About Keepbusy.ae

Keepbusy.ae was set up with a very simple mission. To provide the people of the United Arab Emirates with a source of activities to do at home.

Whether you’re isolated alone, with friends, roommates or with family, we feel that everybody could benefit from taking part in some kind of additional socialising.

At Keepbusy.ae, you will find a range of free and paid activities that you can do from home during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are firm believers and supporters of the #STAYHOME initiative and we feel that if everybody can do their part by staying home, we can get through this pandemic sooner, with less risk to the people of the UAE and with much less damage to the economy.

This site is 100% free to use for both visitors and activity providers and will remain so. We are not aiming to make a profit from this site, we do not accept paid promotions and we do not charge for its use.

All we ask is that any providers out there search their hearts to see what they can offer people for free. Even if it’s just an introduction class or a free invitation to an online event, every little bit helps.

We can all do our part to help each other.