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A Storytelling Virtual Festival

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A Storytelling Virtual Festival

We're getting used to seeing each other in squares and rectangles on social media. Let's see a little more of each other, May 22nd onwards. Join us on Instagram, @purvagr, 7.30 pm GST/9 pm IST for The Trees Told Me So storytelling virtual festival! Why? For, we need more stories and arts in the world.

It's a free-to-attend event.

The event brings together visual artists, landscape designers, environmentalists, dancers, actors, playwrights, and more. Each performer will use his/her preferred performing arts medium to share their experience of reading the book, The Trees Told Me So, by Purva Grover. The book consists of 11 short stories painting a beautiful, poignant picture of love, life, and loss, with an honest voice.


Each of the sessions will be moderated by the author herself, Purva Grover, who is also a journalist, poetess, playwright, and stage director. The duration for the same will be between 15 and 30 minutes.


Purva Grover is based out of Dubai, UAE; and has brought together artists from not just the UAE, but other countries for the event.


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Dates: May 22nd onwards

On: Instagram, @purvagr

Time: 7.30pm GST/ 9pm GST


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