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Dwayne Anthony’s ONLINE Smartphone Quiz

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Dwayne Anthony’s ONLINE Smartphone Quiz

After the great continued success and testing of the online version of my Smartphone Quiz, I am now opening it up globally to up to 100 players, 3 times a week.

Reserve your space NOW by going to the event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/220424595894136/

The quiz is viewed on Zoom and played along with a smartphone or tablet with the SpeedQuizzing Live app installed.

The quiz takes approximately 1 hour, sometimes a little longer and consists of 3 x General Knowledge rounds and 3 x Comedy Horse/Camel/Pig or Tortoise Races for bonus points!

Please help spread the word and I hope to see you all at the next quiz on Monday 13th April, 8pm (UAE)


For the quiz you will need the following:

• An Android or Apple phone/tablet or Amazon Kindle (this will be your device for answering the questions).
Android or Kindle users please download the SpeedQuizzing Live app from:
*As this is coming from a website and not google play store, you may need to change your handsets security settings to allow the app to install. Once installed it will be in your main apps menu titled "SQLive".

iOS/Apple users please download the SpeedQuizzing Live app from your Appstore or by following this link:

• A Laptop/Netbook/MacBook or additional Tablet device (this will be your viewing/listening device for following the quiz, hearing and seeing the questions etc)
If you have the above and would like to take part, please follow these simple steps:

1. On Laptop/Netbook/MacBook or Tablet please visit www.zoom.us and "join meeting".
Enter the following:
Meeting ID: 545-828-3528
Password: 110285

2. On your Android, iOS or Kindle please visit the above listed links to download and install the SpeedQuizzing Live app.

3. At approx 7:30pm/7:45pm (UAE) or 4:30pm/4:45pm (UK) I will be broadcasting in the zoom "meeting" for a 8pm (UAE) start should any of you be having some installation issues.

4. At 7:45pm open your Speedquizzing App and enter your team name! The PIN to join the quiz app can be found on the zoom meeting page in the scrolling text at the bottom and changes daily.

5. Hit connect before 8pm and enjoy the quiz!

6. Finally, The quiz IS FREE OF CHARGE FOR EVERYONE! I would love to keep these quizzes running and free of charge for all but there are overheads directly associated to hosting these quizzes and I'm currently unemployed (like thousands others). If you enjoyed the quiz, please help me in keeping them running by supporting with a small donation at www.paypal.me/djdwayneanthony

Without the support, for future quizzes I will have to either charge individuals a small amount to join or quit them all together. :(


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