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Free HR support for Employees and SME’s

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Free HR support for Employees and SME’s

We are HR consultants who have been in the region for 12+ years and have worked with individuals, SME’s, MNC’s and Government Organisations including the Executive Office.

We are offering free HR support for employees and SME’s, in this time of need, so if you are an individual who would like to ensure that your rights are being protected, or a SME with no HR support, we will help you.

We pride ourselves as being true business partners, and believe that HR and Finance are the backbone of a business....the advice we give will always be practical, pragmatic and in line with local labour laws/regulations.

As a team of 31 consultants, we have expertise in all business areas...and our consultants are from diverse backgrounds from Law and Investment Banking to Media/Events  and FMCG.

Please email Janet.berry@ggc-consult.com or info@ggc-consult.com, and we will support you/your businesses in this time of need.


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