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Free ideas on ways to entertain yourself at home (series)

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Free ideas on ways to entertain yourself at home (series)

As the Fairy Hen Mother-in-chief over at www.howtohen.com, I'm used to spending big chunks of my day thinking up ideas. So when the lockdown hit, it only made sense to apply my daydreaming skills to coming up with fun stuff to do at home. 

I started writing down ideas and before I knew it, I had enough content for multiple blogs and videos on ways to feel productive, be creative, self develop or just have fun while you are in isolation. 

I'll be adding blogs as quickly as I am able to write them in between trying to launch a brand new business. There's also a video series on my Youtube channel that complements the blogs. Same info, more entertaining format. 

The blogs also contain lots of useful links related to each suggestion, so it's worth checking them out.


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