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Free Marketing Audit

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Free Marketing Audit

The free marketing audit is an analysis of a clients existing marketing channels.

It would also entail an audit of their website. This provides detailed information on the following: Website performance/speed, aesthetics, mobile view (website), social media (Instagram, FB).

A free marketing audit would be an analysis of a client's existing marketing channels, how they are performing,  how they look, and recommend how we can grow their business based on their objectives. This is a great way for clients to understand if the areas within their digital presence (website, SEO, social media) are performing to deliver the best results. We help review their strategy to decipher whether they need a business plan or marketing and social media plan.
We would also offer recommendations relating to the use of different SM platforms and marketing channels that would be relevant to the target audience.
We follow up with a conversation with the client moving forward in a phased approach based on his budget.


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    eWavelength Digital Marketing Consultancy Abu Dhabi UAE


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