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Apr 1, 2020

Welcome to Keepbusy.ae! The brand new platform in the United Arab Emirates that is designed to offer a completely free service to connect the many generous and kind people of the UAE who are offering free online events, activities, taster classes, video lessons and so much more throughout our collective quarantine.

#Stayhome & Keepbusy.ae

While we’re all under quarantine, locked down, working from home or just asked to stay in our homes for most the day, we’re all facing the same issue: boredom. It’s difficult to be cooped up all day long, especially when your daily routine usually includes going out to work, grocery shopping, meeting with friends or just walking along the beach. Although it’s difficult, here at keepbusy.ae we are firm believers and supporters of the #stayhome initiative. We think the more people we can help stay indoors and entertained, the faster we will be able to contain the spread of COVID-19 and the sooner we can all get back to our normal lives.

Open, Transparent & Most Importantly 100% Free

The keepbusy.ae platform was thought up and developed to be entirely free. We do not charge providers to list their activities, we do not ask for any payment or contribution to have a featured post & we do not charge users to use the site. It’s 100% free and we have no plans to monetise the platform at any point during or after the quarantine.

We have tried to simplify the upload process to be as easy as possible, forgoing any kind of registration. You just fill out a form and it will be checked, edited (if necessary) and approved by an administrator. We don’t actively collect any additional information about users or providers, although we do collect the necessary bits and pieces required to operate a website of this nature.

All we ask of our providers is that they offer something for free (at the moment) that users can enjoy with no obligations. You can browse the site, search or filter by category, select a provider and be connected within minutes. If they have provided a video, you can watch through and see if you’re interest or you can contact the provider directly by visiting their website, emailing them or connecting via social media.

Continued Development / Our Pet Project

Keepbusy.ae was dreamed up, built and operated by husband and wife team, Brad & Alice. It was a sudden idea and developed in our down-time over a few sleepless nights. As such, we will continue to develop and improve the platform as time progresses, we have some ideas planned for the future to make the process even easier and we’re always open to feedback to let us know how we can improve. All development will be done during our down-time, though, so please be patient!

All feedback can go to info@keepbusy.ae or entered into our Contact Page.

Enjoy using keepbusy.ae and remember, #stayhome and keep safe.


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