The KeepBusy Spotlight: Leela Dhar’s Virtual Meditation

Apr 11, 2020

KeepBusy was a project to try and give something back to the communities of the UAE who have helped us both in one way or another. Whether it’s just a simple piece of advice, a connection or the latest info on the best places to go out, we have both received our fair share of help and guidance. As part of our attempt to continue to give back to the community, we are now proudly introducing the KeepBusy Spotlight. We will be taking some time out to give a short introduction to some of the amazing people, groups and providers who have supported us, signed up, helped promote, spell-checked or just given us something to consider while we continue to develop KeepBusy.ae

Maitribodh Parivaar is a socio-spiritual organization founded by Maitreya Dadashreeji and aims at spreading, LOVE, SELFLESS SERVICE and looks to bringing about TRANSFORMATION individually and as a society.

We conduct various experiential workshops which help in self transformation. Attending these sessions, the seeker awakens and commences the path of self realization by bridging the gap between the self and their own inner higher sacred Self. It answers questions such as ‘Who am I?”, “What is the purpose in my life?” “Who am I in relation to other?” etc

Level 1 is ‘Awakening to Self realization’. This is a 3 hours session where you discover your true identity. Also includes a meditation to connect with your Higher Self.

The 2nd level, ‘Purification’ is a 2 day workshop that removes blocks at all levels. These sessions are intense and include a number of processes to remove these blocks.

The 3rd level is ‘Path Divine’ – 2 days replete with processes, meditations and interactive sessions that teach you how to walk the path of transformation.

‘Heal the Soul’ is the 4th level, a profound 5 day spiritual retreat.

Each level comes with its own powerful energy transfer called Shakti Pravah and has been scientifically proven to show immense benefits. These energies bring about spitritual transformation and help clear deep rooted blockages within, thus helping one to move forward in life.

As you move from one level to the other, you experience powerful shifts that help you lead a life filled with peace and joy.

We also offer free energy healings called Maitri Light to all those who wish to ease any pain or suffering in their life. These can be received in person or rby remote. Maitri Light is a unique combination of prayer and healing and have been found to provide immediate relief.

Take part in the Virtual Meditation & Spiritual Wellbeing Sessions with Leela Dhar


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