The KeepBusy Spotlight: Paw Pals

Apr 9, 2020

KeepBusy was a project to try and give something back to the communities of the UAE who have helped us both in one way or another. Whether it’s just a simple piece of advice, a connection or the latest info on the best places to go out, we have both received our fair share of help and guidance. As part of our attempt to continue to give back to the community, we are now proudly introducing the KeepBusy Spotlight. We will be taking some time out to give a short introduction to some of the amazing people, groups and providers who have supported us, signed up, helped promote, spell-checked or just given us something to consider while we continue to develop KeepBusy.ae

Paw Pals – Daily Free Pet Training Enrichment Challenge

Paw Pals is a dog walking, pet sitting and dog training company.  We know that these are very challenging times for pet owners at the moment.  With the current lockdown, dogs are missing out on their daily walks and their routine has been flown into chaos.  We are sending out daily activities, either training or enrichment for you to master daily so that people can spend extra time with the pets doing fun and entertaining things with their pups – to tire their dogs out mentally as we are unable to give them the exercise they need.  We are asking people to post their videos with the #pawpalschallenge or #pawpalsenrichemnt so that we can build a community of support during these trying times.  We are all in this together.

Paw Pals has been operating in the United Arab Emirates since 2015 although the owner, Kate Lindley, has had a passion for animals that started a lot longer than that.

Check out Paw Pals’ Daily Free Pet Training Enrichment Challenge now and visit their website at https://pawpals.ae

You can follow Paw Pals on their social media below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pawpalsdxb/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pawpalsdxb/


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