The KeepBusy Spotlight: Samia Hasan from Unwind The Grind

Apr 10, 2020

KeepBusy was a project to try and give something back to the communities of the UAE who have helped us both in one way or another. Whether it’s just a simple piece of advice, a connection or the latest info on the best places to go out, we have both received our fair share of help and guidance. As part of our attempt to continue to give back to the community, we are now proudly introducing the KeepBusy Spotlight. We will be taking some time out to give a short introduction to some of the amazing people, groups and providers who have supported us, signed up, helped promote, spell-checked or just given us something to consider while we continue to develop KeepBusy.ae

Unwind The Grind – Complimentary “Leadership during Crisis” Coaching

Samia is the founder of Unwind The Grind, a career development platform for millennials empowering them to excel in their careers. She works with organizations internationally enabling them to motivate and retain their workforce and build their leadership capabilities. Samia started her career with P&G brand management growing some of their billion dollar brands for almost a decade until she discovered ‘people development’ as her calling thanks to being at the forefront of leading, coaching, training and mentoring. Samia skilfully blends her 13+ years of marketing and coaching expertise to craft engaging experiences via employee engagement consulting, talent development, leadership coaching, career coaching, community and corporate events, writing, training and speaking.

She has been working with Millennials/Gen Z as an ICF and Gallup certified Strengths coach, NLP Practitioner with more than 500 hours of coaching and consulting experience in the Middle East & Africa region, including high profile Government and Embassy projects. As a budding thought leader, Samia writes about career and startup topics pertaining millennials as a regular contributor at Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters and Entrepreneur ME.

You can follow Samia on her social media below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unwindthegrinddxb/
LInkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samia-hasan-5372922/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samiahasann/


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